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On Site Training

On Site Training is a two-day visit that focuses on the production system and personnel of your company. The first day is spent evaluating what you are doing now and making recommendations for improvement. The second day is for training the team on the recommendations and other important information.

Here’s How It Breaks Out

Day One:
Interview the “major players” in the production team to determine what is currently being done, what works, what does not work, and ideas for change. This time allows me to hear directly from the staff and build credibility. I spend time with each of the field staff and then the afternoon with the office based staff. The afternoon time allows me to learn the production concerns of the management and discuss changes that will help the company. The evening of the first day is spent in putting together a custom training package for the next day.

Day Two:
The second day is spent doing training based on my Lead Carpenter System but tailored to the company based on the Thursday meetings. The training includes the recommendations and how to implement them, other insights into the company and topics that are agreed on in the Thursday managers meeting. Some of them could be:

Possible Topics

  1. Lead Carpenter Job Description
  2. Accounting 101- How the Field Staff Affects the Profit of the Company
  3. Job Site Efficiencies – How Do You Maximize Your Time Usage, Other Employees, and Setting Priorities
  4. The Turnover – What Information Needs to Go to the Lead Carpenters
  5. The Planning – What does the Lead Carpenter Do With the Information Before the Work Starts.
    • Review Documents
    • Set Up Subs
    • Set Up Materials
    • Schedule the Job
    • Plan the Job
  6. Working with People
    • Owner of the Company
    • Clients
    • Inspectors
    • Subs
    • Other Employees – Focuses on Motivation
  7. Everyday Stuff
    • Material Management
    • Safety
    • Paperwork – Job Logs, Change Orders, Receipts, Time Cards, etc.